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Nominations for 2019 Hatboro’s Borough Ball

Greater Hatboro Chamber of Commerce calls for Community Service Awards Nominees
“In keeping with our tradition, the Chamber will once again be presenting awards for distinguished service rendered to the Borough of Hatboro that are characterized by unselfish devotion to the welfare of others,” says Chamber Board Member Robert M. John, Esq.
The categories for the awards include

“Service to Community” award given to an individual whose distinguished service has enhanced the quality of life in the borough of Hatboro
“Service to Youth,” an award that recognizes an individual who has given distinguished service that has affected the character development of youth in the borough of Hatboro.

“Service to Public,” an award that will be presented to a public servant (employee of the borough, or person acting on behalf of the people or government of the borough) who has given distinguished service enhancing the quality of public services in Hatboro
“Service in Business” an award is for a business that has given distinguished service improving the quality of business life in the greater Hatboro community.
“Our Awards Committee is currently looking for nominations from the public for people to be recognized in any of the aforementioned categories,” says Chamber President Timothy Schultz. “Nominations, together with supporting information, for the potential award winner may be sent to Robert M. John, Esq. PO Box 698, 76 Byberry Avenue, Hatboro, PA 19040. Recommendations must be submitted by December 31, 2018.”

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