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Hatboro Chmaber Of Commerce Hometown Heroes

 Celebrating Hatboro’s Hometown Heroes

Hatboro’s Hometown Heroes
for more information contact the chamber office

 May 7, 2019—- Hometown Heroes Banners for 2019 are now on display along Main Street of Hatboro. Thank you to Hatboro’s Public Works for putting banner back up after the winter weather.

The Hatboro Hometown Heroes Banner is a program for any veteran/or active service member that has lived in or worked in Hatboro at  some point of their life including any one honored on a War Memorial in Hatboro.

The banner will be 30 X 60 heavy vinyl, printed the same on both sides.
Banner will include full name of the Service member, branch of military and era of service and person’s photo.
The cost of each banner is $200.00
If you would like to donate to this wonderful program, please email the chamber office or send donations to the chamber office.

The Borough will determine the number of banners available so that no banner will distract with the traffic that travels York Road.

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